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Ruby's Secret by Heather B. Moore

Welcome to the Newport Ladies Book Club series:

At age sixty-two, life is finally beginning for newly widowed Ruby Crenshaw. Her son is grown and gone, and after long years spent as a loyal wife to her charming but unfaithful husband, she’s ready to live the life she’s always dreamed of. Her resolve is firm: she’ll never make the mistake of giving her heart to another man.

The first step in Ruby’s quest for a carefree lifestyle was to create the Newport Ladies Book Club, an unlikely gathering of women who have been her haven. Now she’s ready to take her newfound independence a step further—along with her friends from the local senior center, Ruby is jetting off to a much-needed Greece adventure. What she isn’t prepared for is Gabriel—the group’s tour guide—a native Greek and a true gentleman. His unquestionable charm is hard to resist. But resist she must—because no matter their growing attraction, Ruby is not about to fall for charming again!

If you aren't familiar with the Newport Ladies Book Club series, I'll give you a brief rundown on how it works. These books are about different ladies who meet together for a book club each month. Each book is about a different person but runs in a parallel time frame. You can read any book, in any order. You can read more about this series and how it works by clicking HERE.

I have read all but one of the books in this series so far. I'm hoping to get to "Shannon's Hope" soon. Especially after having read "Ruby's Secret". I really need to know what's going on with Shannon. This series is unique and I love the way we have all the characters to some degree in every book and you have this vague idea of who they are and that they are struggling but you don't really get their whole story until you read their book. I just love this concept. The authors do a fantastic job of keeping things cohesive and fluid.

Ruby's Secret was so good. I have loved Ruby from the very beginning of this series and I'm so glad she finally got her own book and her own story told. Ruby is generous and gracious to everyone she meets. She is so kind and I could feel this about her from the very first book I read. I love how this book really puts into perspective how people assumed that Ruby had everything great in her life. The ladies in her book club think she had an ideal marriage and because of her generous and kind personality assume that her life has been great. In reality though, Ruby struggled all her married life and was hurt so badly that she still hasn't gotten over it. It was a good reminder to me that even the most put together people have struggles and hard things to deal with. You can just never judge people by what you see.

Ruby has quite an emotional journey in this book. Her strength and courage really shine through. I love how you can just feel Ruby's heart changing when she meets Gabriel. Ruby is a woman made to love and take care of others. But, just like any other human, she needs love and care too. Gabriel is just the man for the job. I <heart> Ruby and Gabriel. Love them separate, love them together. I love the hope this book brought.

This book is squeeky clean.  :)

You can find Ruby's Secret at Amazon.

Heather B. Moore is the 2-time Best of State, 2-time Whitney Award & 2-time Golden Quill Award winning author of ten historical novels. Her historical fiction is published under H.B. Moore; her newest historical thrillers are Daughters of Jared, Esther the Queen, and the Omar Zagouri series: Finding Sheba and Beneath.

Heather writes women's fiction and romance under Heather B. Moore. She's the co-author of The Newport Ladies Book Club Series (with Josi S. Kilpack, Annette Lyon & Julie Wright)--her books are Athena and Ruby's Secret. Heather is also the author of the bestselling anthology collection A Timeless Romance Anthology, the Aliso Creek Novella series, the historical romance Heart of the Ocean, the non-fiction works Christ's Gifts to Women (co-authored with Angela Eschler), Women of the Book of Mormon, and the upcoming Divinity of Women (2014, co-authored with S. Kent Brown).

Visit her blog for writing and book signing updates:

Heather loves to hear from readers at: or if you're an aspiring writer, she also manages the editing company, Precision Editing Group:

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