Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lyric by Rozsa Gaston

Lyric is the story of a young, professional woman’s leap of faith from lonely but familiar singledom to a whole new world of committed love.

Lyric Chandler is a 31-year old woman living in a small town in the New York suburbs. While walking her dog, she meets landscape architect Dawes Van Dusen, who’s renovating the local park. For the first time in her life, Lyric finds herself attracted to a man who actually comes from a similar background to herself. But he’s just about to finish up his short-term landscaping project in her town, after which he’ll move on to another assignment far away.

Recently laid off from her job at a hedge fund, Lyric’s now a teaching assistant at the elementary school where she’s up in arms over the children playing in the parking lot at recess time. Little does she know that Dawes is planning to build a sculpture garden on the same plot of land for which she’s petitioned town hall for a school playground. Unaware of her plans for the same property, he’s determined to win the bid so he can prolong his stay in her town to be near her. For the first time in his life Dawes feels as if he’s met the woman of his dreams.

But when Lyric discovers Dawes’ project is going to take away the last bit of land available for the school’s playground, she breaks it off with him. Only after he’s suddenly called out of town does an unlikely source open Lyric’s eyes to why he was so intent on winning the bid. She now has to confront the real reasons why she drove him off – her own fear of letting a man who’s really right for her into her heart.

When Dawes returns, he offers Lyric and the town a new design for an interactive children’s sculpture garden and playground. In return, Lyric is finally ready to give him her heart.

Lyric is a story that will appeal to contemporary women searching for balance between professional and personal satisfaction. In particular it will resonate with young professional women in urban areas who’ve gained so much expertise in extricating themselves from relationships with Mr. Wrong that when Mr. Right comes along, they have no idea how to proceed. The story of Lyric was written for them.

That has got to be the longest blurb ever.  If you read all the way though it, you are probably not going to want to read a very long review!  So I'll try to keep it short and simple.  :)

Good book.  I enjoyed it.  Sweet, easy reading that provided a break from the monotony of the day.  I liked Dawes better than Lyric but I love the name Lyric.  :)

I like that Dawes is straight forward without being pushy or arrogant.  He doesn't play games.  Lyric kind of does play games- she is flighty and back and forth- but has other very redeeming qualities.  Communication is NOT one of them.   As I am not, and never have been, a young professional woman working in an urban area, I guess this book wasn't written for me but I did enjoy it anyway.

You can pick this Astraea Press book up at Amazon.

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