Friday, August 31, 2012

On Tour: Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand by Carla Kelly

After her husband’s death, Roxanna Drew is faced with the daunting task of providing for her two small girls on her own. Pursued by her lecherous brother-in-law, Roxanna knows her only hope is to escape his grasp by moving into a derelict cottage, owned by Lord Winn—a man known to his tenants only by his checkered reputation.

But when fate brings Lord Winn to her door in the middle of a snowstorm, Roxanna’s not sure which to fear more: letting him into her home or into her heart.

A strong-willed heroine, perfectly paced plot, and plenty of humorous moments make this one of bestselling author Carla Kelly’s most beloved Regency romances. Discover the magic of a love story you’ll want to read again and again.

Ooh, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this book!  It was the perfect sweet romance and it made me happy.  I've had the pleasure of reading and reviewing several books lately by Carla Kelly and I'm really loving her work.  I believe this book is a re-release so many of you might have already read this book with a different cover.

I happen to love this cover.  I think it's so pretty and it really captures the feel of the book.

It was so easy to fall in love with Roxanna and her girls.  They were characters that seemed alive from the first moments of the book.  Carla Kelly has a tendency to write very strong female characters.  Roxanna was absolutely no exception but I felt like there was more softness to her than some other characters I've read.  I liked that.

Lord Winn will make you love him.  He's strong and generous.  I love the banter between Lord Winn and Roxanna.  The tension that builds between them is fantastic.  I really loved it.  (I think I'm sounding a bit redundant with the love word.  sorry.)  

My thanks to Cedar Fort for allowing me to be a part of this blog tour.  Cedar Fort is an awesome publishing company.

You can purchase Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand at Cedar Fort or Amazon.  It will be officially released on Sept. 11th.

As far as content, we have a clean one.  Sweet and clean.  :)


  1. This cover is pretty. It definitely makes me want to read it. TBR

    1. Yeah, love the cover. I hope you love the inside too. :)

  2. The cover is beautiful and I love regency romance. I have never heard of the author before but after reading this review I will give it a shot. I would have loved to read an excerpt just to get a little taste of her writing style.

    1. I love regency romance too. I hope you will read it. I think you'll love it. Thanks for your input and comment.

  3. I LOVE THIS BOOK! It's not the greatest book ever written, but I love to re-read the last part of the book. Although, I didn't like how things were resolved with Roxanna's family. I thought that was unnecessary.


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