Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An Unexpected Date~ Check it out!

How do you summarize a short story?!  I don't think I can.  But, here is the low down:
Contemporary Romance Short Story by one of my favorite people, Susan Hatler.  Hi Susan!  (waves)
An Unexpected Date was my 5 minute treat today.  It was like the little spoon they give you at the ice cream store to try a flavor.  Well, I tried the flavor and I'm buying the 3 scoop ice cream cone.  :)  I love Susan's writing.  If you haven't tried any of her books, you really ought to.  Start out with this little treat.  It totally made me smile.  Who couldn't use a bit of that on any given day?!

Look for An Unexpected Date at Amazon.  It is amazingly priced at $.99!

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