Monday, May 7, 2012

Captain America Love~ Hello Avengers!

I went to see The Avengers on Friday with my husband.  I have a little bit of Captain America LOVE going on. 
Good movie, right?  Have you all been to see it yet?
Oh yeah.  Captain America.  Front and center.  Hello.  It was a good weekend.  ;)


  1. Of course i went to see the Avengers, i even did a post here when I came back ^^

    I love every avenger, not just Cap :)

  2. Going to see this in a couple hours for date night! So excited!!

  3. I saw it too and I loved it! I wrote a review for it on my blog. I had been waiting for it for years too and I really felt like it was everything that I wanted it to be. Oh and I'm like you, except for me, it's all about Thor!

    DT from Dead Trees and Silver Screens

  4. Okay, Thor is pretty cute too :)


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