Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Meghan Chase has been looking forward to her sixteenth birthday.  It’s the magical birthday where you gain the independence of driving and the world's possibilities are endless.  Perhaps a romance, or ice cream falling from the sky.  But that’s not how it happens for Meghan.  Instead, Meghan gets a chart topping horrible day at school, a changling for a brother, a fey for a best friend and a whole bunch of creatures that want her dead.  Oh, and definitely no drivers license.  Meghan sets off on a journey through the world of the Fey to rescue her brother with Puck as her guide.  She doesn’t expect to discover that King Oberon is her father, and she is a princess. The world of Fey is unusual and frightening but Meghan is determined to find her brother and bring him home.

Yeah, so I finally got around to reading this book.  The good thing about starting into a series that everyone has been reading and talking about for so long is that you don't have to wait too long to read the next book.  I feel like I'm the very last person to read this though.

I love the cover of this book.  It's so pretty and I'm always drawn to blue so swirly's and blue is right up my alley!  I enjoyed this story, it moved along well and kept my attention.  I'm a girl that reads more than one book at a time unless it really sucks me in.  I put all other books aside to finish this one.  That's saying something.  By the end of the book I found I just wanted to know more.  I wanted deeper understanding of the characters, especially Puck and Ash.  I know there is another book, so hopefully I will get more there, and not more questions.  Meghan is a determined girl.  I love her loyalty to family and friends, even though it was called her weakness.  If you are going to have a weakness, that is a good one to have.  I'm looking forward to the next book.

There is swearing in this book.  Most swear words are used more than once.


  1. great review! wasn't The Iron King such an awesome read? you can tell from your thoughts that you really enjoyed it :)

  2. Thank you for a lovely review. I really really need to read this and now I'm really excited :)

  3. You're not the last one to read it! I started it a long time ago and never finished it! Oops, I often do that and I have to reread the beginning again when I finally get back to it lol. I can't help that I like to drift around my TBR list though. :) So anyway, don't feel bad for taking so long, because it was a fresh review of a new book to me at least! (^_^) I love the covers too and I hope to get back to this one soon.

    Sandra from

  4. Well, you're not the LAST person to read this book. I'm still lagging but I'll get it in soon (I hope :) )

  5. Oh, you definitely dont need to feel like youre the last one to read this series, beause thats probably me. xD Im reading Iron Daughter right now but it takes me really long time because I cant quite get deeply into the story. I admit that I find it a little bit boring. But I plan to finish it because I really like the characters and am curious what will happen to them. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it though! Great review!

  6. I just got The Iron Daughter in the post so I can't wait to start on it! Excited :)

  7. Hm.. i'm glad that I'm not the only one who hasn't read it yet, but everyone keeps talking about it, so i guess I should start to Read It... (:

    Thank you for the review.


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