Thursday, March 3, 2011

Read Across America Day

"Hidden in the pages of books are extraordinary worlds and characters that can spark creativity and imagination, and unlock the potential that lies within each of our children. Reading is the foundation upon which all other learning is built, and on Read Across America Day, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting America's next generation of great readers.

"Cultivation of basic literacy skills can begin early and in the home. It is family who first instills the love of learning in our future leaders by engaging children in good reading habits and making reading a fun and interactive activity. Regardless of language or literacy level, every adult can inspire young people to appreciate the written word early in life. Parents and mentors can help build fundamental skills by reading aloud to children regularly, discussing the story, and encouraging children to ask questions on words or content they do not understand. By passing a passion for literature on to our sons and daughters, we prepare them to be lifelong, successful readers, and we provide them with an essential skill necessary for academic achievement."  --From President Barack Obama
Now THAT I can agree with!  Yipee for reading!


  1. I could make a political joke, but I'll behave. I bet his wife pushed this. That's a mom sort of thing to do. =)

    My son loves "Dr. Seuss Day" at his school. I don't know if he fully understands the push behind it though. He keeps rooting for a "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Day"... I try to tell him not everyone is a fan of that series.

  2. Hi Aimee, I have given you an award at the Howling Turtle!

  3. Yeah for literacy! I love days dedicated to reading and literacy.

  4. It's a wonderful thing to encourage children (and adults) to read more. It seems to me, however, that people in general today have far too many other options when it comes to spending their leisure hours. When I was growing up in a rather small town, we had a movie theatre, a skating rink, a bowling alley, and the public library. Reading has always been my escape.
    Stopped by from the Hop.
    The Steel Bookshelf

  5. I think my favorite memories of reading as a child was completing the Read-a-thons. I LOVED reading with abandon. Love the quote, thanks!


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