Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Jack and Frost Bake-Off (Christmas in Connecticut #2) by Amanda P. Jones


I’m living my worst nightmare. Competing on a baking show surrounded by loud people all day. But it’s fine. I’m fine. Our family bakery is in trouble and I’d do anything to keep the memory of Mom alive since Love Bakes is the only place where I still feel her presence. Which is why I’m so determined to win the prize money. No distractions, no friendships, no having fun. It’s all about business. Until I meet bubbly Meg—someone whom I’d normally be annoyed by. Maybe life is about more than work? Meg certainly has me thinking that way. But what about Mom's bakery?


Paying Mom back to avoid law school is the main reason I signed up for Baking Spirits Bright. I also want to expand my bakery. But when all I can think about is my number one competitor, the gorgeously grumpy people-hater, Jack, my chances of winning diminish like cake crumbs. He’s aloof and ridiculously handsome and pretends not to know who I am. The longer we compete, the more distracted I am by him. How can I win if I’m staring at him the entire time? Although, I’m not even sure I want the money anymore. I just want Jack.

What a cute book!  Introvert Jack and extrovert Megan are on a baking show competition.  Ironically enough, they also live in the same area and are business competitors in their real life as well.  You can imagine just how well their initial meetings go.  It's a bumpy ride at first but they settle into a tentative truce, which leads to a kind of friendship (where they are both keeping an eye on each other) and eventually they end up kissing in the kitchen.  So appropriate given who they are, right?

I really had a lot of fun reading this book.  It was easy to settle in with and the characters were easy to like.  The desserts Jack and Meg made sounded amazing and I'm glad they weren't sitting in front of me or I would have eaten them all.  Yum!  Who wins this baking competition?  You have to read it to find out!  My lips are sealed. 

This book is on KU if you have that!  It's the second book of the series but can easily stand alone.  The first book is a novella.  Happy reading!

Content:  kissing

- I picked this book up on KU.

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