Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Give Me One Good Reason: A Sweet Romantic Comedy (Shaped By Love #4) by Michelle Pennington


No calling dibs on dream guys.

Why do short girls always get the tall guys?

Don't they know that those of us who more closely resemble giraffes than dainty little wood sprites should have first pick of any guy who isn't eye level with our cleavage?

But what happens when the embodiment of all my tall-girl fantasies gets hired to work at Booms and Nibbles?

My short best friend snags a date with him first.

What do I get to do? Butt heads with him all day every day as I try to educate him on selling women's underwear, that's what. He's opinionated, blunt, and... Sigh. It's no use. He's amazing. Especially when his beautiful brown eyes glint at me from behind those nerdy glasses—sending messages that both confuse and captivate me.

Well, Adam had better fortify those walls he keeps putting up because I've always been the type to go after what I want. And my sights are set on his heart.

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I was so excited to dive into this book!  I've loved all the books in this series with the first still standing as my favorite because that one really made me laugh.  This one was fun too with lots of excellent smiling, swooning moments.  The characters in this series all work for the same company that sells women's underwear, specializing in sizes that are harder to find.  They themselves have varying body types that bring their own set of insecurities and confidences.  I love that these books really bring to light that all body types are beautiful.  The women in this series all support each other well in that regard.  It's refreshing.

Angela is tall.  And funny.  I loved her take charge attitude and how passionately she loved her job.  She's an all in kind of girl and it was so easy to like her.  Adam shows up in a previous book so his character wasn't altogether unfamiliar but we get to see him from a whole new perspective in this book- Angela's perspective.  And she pretty much drools over him.  haha.  It was fun to watch their relationship progress.  Oh!  And I also loved the nod to K Dramas.  I love watching those too!!

This book sets up the next book perfectly and I can't wait to read it!

I picked this book up on KU.

Content:  kissing

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