Friday, October 16, 2020

Billionaire Ghost Tour by Stephanie Fowers


Who says opposites attract?

When Janson and Mollie get off on the wrong foot at the bachelor auction, the two never want to see each other again... except they sorta do. In fact neither of them can stop thinking about that night.

Mollie doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. Janson Styles tops her list of most arrogant men—with his wealth, good looks and a bad boy charm that gets him in trouble with the media (not to mention with her) so why isn’t she immune to his sultry smirks?

Janson can’t stop playing with fire. Of course, he's strong enough to withstand the fiery temptation of Mollie Sawyer—not only will he book a ghost tour with that molten hot redhead, but he’ll also bring a date! It doesn’t help that the moment he sees Mollie, he loses his head again.

Now they're both in for the night of their lives, fighting attraction and unexpected dangers, while everything that can possibly go wrong does—but in all the right ways. After all, can they really be such opposites when they fit so well in each other’s arms?

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Ooh, this is a fun book set at the perfect time for this month!  It's a ghost tour unlike any others!  I loved the bit of suspense that helped propel this story forward.  It wasn't anything too nail biting because there is fun to be had all along the way.  This author did a good job of keeping me smiling with quirky and funny things all while the characters were being chased.  Oh, and there was attraction too that led to some good kissing.  Like I said- it was a fun romp.  (I realize I'm using the word fun too much.  Sorry. haha)

Mollie and Janson have a rough start.  Mollie is all sorts of fiery and she dishes Janson everything she's got.  It all backfires, of course, in the best of ways.  I loved that Janson was attracted from the get-go and that didn't change.  He wasn't intimidated by Mollie and just kept after her.

I loved the small town and how everyone knew and loved Mollie.  They definitely rallied around her when she needed them the most.  The zombie parade was a fun addition (and I saw pictures of when the author attended a real live zombie parade!) and definitely helped with the overall feel of the book.  It's perfect for October!!

This book is on kindle unlimited if you have that.

Content:  mild peril, mild violence, kissing

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