Friday, May 1, 2020

The Book of Sorrel by Jennifer Peel

An ancient curse. A forbidden love. Which will die first?
Sorrel Black’s family has been ruled by a book passed down from generation to generation. But now that it is in her possession, it has stopped working. For her alone, one critical piece of information is missing that will keep the curse, cast long ago as a punishment for her family’s rebellion, from being passed down to her own daughter someday. She hopes the book’s silence means the curse will end with her—even if it means dying alone. But then Eric Knight walks into her life and changes everything.

When investigative journalist Eric Knight is forced to take an assignment to interview bakery owner Sorrel Black, he has no idea that her story will become their story. That his secrets are her secrets. Now together, these born enemies turned lovers must not only face the curse that has separated their families for generations, but the reality that breaking the curse means breaking their hearts. For, in the end, only one family can survive. 

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I feel like I have been waiting FOREVER for this book!  And now!  Here it is!  I cannot tell you how excited I am that Jennifer Peel wrote a new book in this new genre.  This paranormal romance genre is one that I crave often but have a hard time finding within my more conservative "clean" preferences.  I just knew that Jennifer Peel could rock this genre for me but now she's left me with this craving for more and I'm just not finding it.  I guess she'll just have to write another book for me.  

This story has all the things I long for in a good story: chemistry, growing intensity, bits of magic, expanding characters and best of all, it felt unlike anything I've been reading.  It was engaging from beginning to end and wow, that ending was explosive.  🔥  The emotional connections were there and I absolutely adored Sorrel.  Oh fine.  I loved Eric too. 😍

If you are a fan of Jennifer Peel and feel hesitant about the genre change here, I would say to give it a chance.  You will find all the same things you love about this authors writing with just a bit of magic and danger thrown in.  If you haven't read Jennifer Peel's book but love paranormal romance, happy day for you!  

This book is also on Kindle Unlimited if you have that.

Content:  mild swearing, mild peril, danger, mild violence, kissing

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