Thursday, December 13, 2018

From Ash and Stone by Julie Daines + $25 and Book Giveaway

Lady Margaret Grey of Hartfell wants for nothing. The daughter of a knight, she has a loving family, wealth, and even a secret romance with the blacksmith's son. But all that is torn from her one fateful night when her home is attacked and her family killed. She is left with nothing but bitterness, an unwavering mistrust of men, and a strange and mysterious curse that allows her to feel the thoughts of anyone who touches her.

Now, after six years away, Margaret is returning home for one reason: revenge. She hopes that by avenging her family's deaths, she will somehow be freed from her curse. But it won't be easy. The identities of the raiders are still unknown, she has little left to her name, and traveling alone in the Northumbrian hills during the border wars is dangerous. Matters are further complicated by handsome Angus Robson, a Scotsman whose charm threatens to distract her from her plans. But the raiders are closer than she knows, and Margaret soon realizes that what she believed to be a curse may be the key to finding those she seeks. One touch will reveal the truth.

What a refreshing breath of fresh air this book was for me.  (I've feeling like I've been in a bit of a reading rut with all the billionaire, fake this or that and athlete books lately.  I like them, don't get me wrong.  There are just SO many of them.)  I needed a change of pace and this book was perfect for me this week.

The over arching themes of forgiveness, loyalty and love were always present in this book.  No matter which character I was focusing on, I always felt those three things in some way or another.  I felt like I knew the characters and understood their motivations.  It's always such a gift to be invited into a story to feel and experience along with the characters.  This definitely happened for me with this book.

I absolutely fell in love with Angus.  From the very beginning I knew he would be someone I would like.  As more of his story came out, my admiration and love grew.  He is solid, trustworthy and kind.  The loyalty he feels to those he loves is astounding.  Oh, and don't even get me started on Angus's brother.  <sigh>  I loved him too.  For so many reasons.

Margaret is an interesting character.  She is bold and strong, driven by revenge and justice.  She is so determined.  I love how she is gradually softened by the people around her.  Her perception of loyalty and devotion shifts as she learns more about the Robson brothers and others around her.  I just loved the whole character development with Margaret.  It felt very satisfying.

I really loved this book!  

Content:  mild violence, kissing, peril

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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