Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Perfect Picture of Us by Rachelle Paige Campbell

Chicago lifestyle blogger, Jess Edwards, built a successful brand based on the pursuit of perfection. From throwing a party to decorating a home, every post is magazine spread worthy. Leo Martinelli, the law school study partner she never mustered the nerve to kiss, shows up in the middle of a photo shoot, and she's thrilled for the reunion—until he serves her with a lawsuit.

Attorney Leo never thought he'd see Jess again, not after she disappeared halfway through the first semester. For the past ten years, he's measured every woman who's crossed his path against her. This meeting is his chance to say good-bye and finally move on from his unrequited crush—before relocating overseas.

To salvage her reputation, Jess has no intention of settling. To obtain the future he's worked hard for, Leo can't lose.

The whole premise of this book is a fun one.  Jess and Leo reconnect after years apart but not under the best of circumstances.  I mean, Leo is the counsel representing a lawsuit against Jess.  Yikes!  That's not the most ideal way to fall in love.

I liked both Jess and Leo.  They are both good people, trying to make their way in the world.  Leo's parents are awesome, hard working and supportive and Jess's brother is the best.  I loved their relationship and the close family unit they created with just the two of them. 

The thing this book lacked for me was that emotional connection.  I didn't FEEL the growing romance between Jess and Leo and I didn't connect to them individually.  Because of that it was harder to stay invested in the story.  But, like I mentioned above, the premise is fun and I enjoyed the familial aspects.  

This is a sweet romance and I am always grateful for authors who write in this genre for people like me.  3/5 stars

Content:  kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

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