Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Orphan's Wish (Hagenheim #8) by Melanie Dickerson

From the streets to an orphanage in a faraway kingdom, Aladdin has grown up alone. Until he meets Kirstyn. With a father who is the duke of Hagenheim and a mother who is the patroness of the orphanage where Aladdin lives, Kirstyn is a member of the most powerful family in the land . . . and way out of his league. Despite the difference in their stations, Aladdin quickly becomes Kirstyn’s favorite companion for taking walks in the forest, and their childhood friendship grows along with them.

Through his scrappy skills, intelligence, and hard work, Aladdin earns a position serving in the duke’s house. But he knows it isn’t enough to grant him his one desire: Kirstyn’s hand in marriage. If he hopes to change his station in life and feel worthy of marrying Kirstyn, he must leave Hagenheim to seek his fortune.

But once Aladdin leaves, no one is around to protect Kirstyn, and the greedy men desperate to take advantage of her father’s wealth take notice. Now, more than Aladdin’s background stands in the way of the future he’s worked so hard to obtain. His only hope is to rescue Kirstyn and somehow manage to win her hand as well.

 I've only read a few Melanie Dickerson books but I am really trying to remedy that situation!  I have a few sitting on my kindle, waiting to be read but when I saw this one coming out, I just had to read it because, Aladdin!  (one of my favorites)  The hard thing with re-telling is you cannot help but compare.  This story was very loosely based on the Disney version of this story in the beginning but that really is where it ends.  I almost wish that Aladdin's name had been changed so I didn't try to associate at all because I really liked the story but it I just had that little hang up with the name and Disney!

I did love the way Aladdin and Kirstyn came to be friends and I loved how much time they spent together as children.  The memories they had together were sweet and it made so much sense for those childhood feelings to develop into something more as they grew older.

Aladdin was so determined to be good and prove himself and I found him ever so endearing.  His kindness was his strength.  My emotional connection to Kirstyn wasn't as strong which is weird because she went through the greatest hardship in the book.  I'm not sure why that connection wasn't there.

This book is clean, which I really appreciated.  The characters are young (teenagers) for most of the book but they often didn't feel that young.   I felt like they were more young adults and that's the way I kept hearing them in my mind.  I did enjoy this story though and I'm looking forward to the other books by Melanie Dickerson that I have waiting for me!

Content:  Christian fiction elements, some abuse and peril, mild violence

- I received a complimentary copy of this book at my request.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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