Monday, October 23, 2017

Honeymoon for One in Christmas Falls (Return to Christmas Falls #2) by Jennifer Peel

Is there room for two on this honeymoon for one?

Piper Wyatt's Christmas wish is to get promoted to manager at Blackstock Hotel and Resort. Not only does the promotion mean more money, but it means more time with her son and proof that she's not such a disappointment after all.

Jace Petersen, successful owner of a national chain of sporting goods stores, finds himself alone and miserable on what should have been his honeymoon. That is until he literally falls onto the lovely Piper Wyatt. He's intrigued with this woman who can fix a car in high heels. Too bad for him, he makes a horrible first impression, and Piper's not allowed to mingle with the guests.

While Piper tries her best to steer clear of Jace during his stay, she can't help but notice he's not the man from their first meeting. But is he worth risking her promotion? Or is Jace right, Piper deserves more than she ever thought possible for herself?

Find out in this charming Christmas tale about finding love in the most unexpected place, a honeymoon.

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy.  That's what I am when I get to read a new Jennifer Peel book.  Seriously.  SO happy.  Her books take me to that happy place in reading for me-  that place of butterflies, attraction, emotion and the best kind of happily ever after endings.  I love a good love story!

Oh man.  Piper and Jace have a horrible first meeting.  Jace is such a louse.  He's drunk, ornery and acting like a completely entitled rich boy.  Nobody likes that.  But, I have to say that after that first encounter, Jace slowly redeems himself.  And when Jace is determined about something, he just doesn't give in!

I loved the interactions and banter between Piper and Jace.  They left me feeling all those butterflies in my tummy.  Jace is one determined guy and ever so charming.  He wants Piper and lets her know that in every way possible.  Yummy stuff, that.

This whole book has a sort of magical feel to it.  The magic of love combined with the magic of Christmas in a setting right out of a fairytale.  I loved it.  Which is no surprise since I haven't met a Jennifer Peel book that I didn't love.  I wish I had time to go back and read this book again right now.  Talking about it makes me want to delve right back in.  ha!

This book is part of the Return to Christmas Falls series, all released today.  I really cannot wait to read them all because they have some cross over characters and all the characters from these books have a common thread in that they have returned to Christmas Falls where they were once all friends, bound together by a very special teacher.  I have read Becky Monson's book (yay!!) and I'll be reviewing that one later this week.  I also have Susan Hatler's book in the line up to be read this week.  Man, it's going to be a good reading week!

Content:  mild innuendo, kissing, mild swearing

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