Thursday, June 18, 2015

Get to Me (Men of Honor Series #2) by Lara Van Hulzen

Aimee can identify a killer.

Dane can keep her safe.

But is he willing to face his past to do it?

When Aimee Jansenn stumbles upon a drug deal gone bad she comes face to face with a killer. As the only witness to a crime, she falls into a deadly situation and is in need of police protection.

Dane Scott has sworn off women. Until a fireball named Aimee enters his world. Telling himself they’re just friends, he vows to protect her. Can his heart follow suit or will she change his mind about love for good?

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Okay, first a confession.  I read "Remember Me", the first book in this series, and I loved it and I saw that this second book was out and I wanted to read it really badly.  I also wanted to be able to officially review it because, well, I love finding a new author whose books I love and I love sharing that.  So, I emailed the author and asked (or maybe begged- I'm not sure which) if I could review this book for her.  She said YES!  :)

I first met Dane in "Remember Me".  I just knew I wanted his story and I knew it would be good.  It sure was.  He is yummy.  And Aimee?  What kind of a super cool name and spelling is that?!  Yeah, I'm a bit biased.  But, alas, the main character Aimee, is really nothing like me, so I guess I can only claim a connection to her awesome name.

The chemistry between Dane and Aimee is palpable.  It had me silently (or maybe not always silently) begging for those those charged moments and physical connections.  Lara does an excellent job managing the lightning.

Here's what you get with this book: a clean romance with sparks, a bit of suspense and a little faith thrown in for good measure.  I was pulled into this book from the very beginning and I didn't want to put this book down.  The settings change from San Diego to the Lake Tahoe area- both places that I am familiar with and love.  

So yeah, I really liked this book.  I'm so happy Lara Van Hulzen let me read and review this book for her.  I cannot wait to see what she does next!  Hopefully she is madly working at it right now.  ;)

There may have been a couple instances of mild swearing.  (sometimes I forget I'm reviewing and the mental notes disappear)

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