Thursday, December 11, 2014

See Me (Zombie Love #1) by Susan Hatler

Amy Love, a high school junior, plays a Ouija board with friends one night and unintentionally connects with someone whose, well, not visible to the naked eye. When her body’s taken over and her soul is stuck watching helplessly—she’s terrified. When the zombie guzzles bologna that she will have to work off at the gym—she’s angry. And, when her zombied body pulls up a news article on her laptop about a boy named Jonathan Miller who was recently in a car crash—she’s . . . intrigued. 

When the zombie chooses another host, Amy learns that the zombie is actually teen Jonathan Miller, son of the famous Maisy's Meow comic creator Jacob Miller. Jonathan tells Amy he doesn’t know whether he’s dead or alive, only that when he’s not in a body, she is the only one who seems to know he exists. 

Amy decides to help Jonathan discover what happened to him and, when they can’t find his body, they try to find a substitute—preferably one that isn’t occupied. On the journey, Jonathan leads Amy into all kinds of danger. To her surprise, he also leads her heart to somewhere unexpected. She’s always heard of love at first sight, not love at first fright, but how can Amy be falling for a boy she’s never even seen?

I have to be honest here.  When Susan Hatler sent me this book to review, I was all kinds of worried.  I'm not really a zombie lover.  I don't like books that scare me and zombies really aren't my thing.  And Ouija boards?  No, not at all.  So yeah.  I was worried I wouldn't like this book and I wasn't even sure if I wanted to read it.  Then I was worried about telling the author that I didn't like it because I really like her writing and her other books.  I decided to settle in and check it out though because I know Susan writes so well and I've always loved whatever she sends me.  I trust her.  So much worry.  And for NOTHING because I really liked this book!  :)  Phew!!

If I were classifying this book though, it wouldn't really be as a zombie book but more of a ghost book.  If you have seen Ghost, it was kinda like that scene where Patrick Swayze goes into the body of Whoopi Goldberg to communicate.

Amy Love.  (what an awesome name!)  Amy struggles with finding her place in a reorganized family.  She feels invisible, like nobody at home or school cares to see the real her.  One day at school she is "zombied" or taken over by Jonathan, a spirit who can't find his own body.  Amy is kicked out of her own body.  She can "feel"  Jonathan when he is a spirit and the two of them make a connection.

I love how the title of the book "See Me" directly relates to the whole theme of the book.  It includes both main characters and runs on surface level but also delves deeper.

This book wasn't scary at all.  It wasn't creepy or anything.  It was a new twist on an old idea and it was really fun to read.  There was no swearing or sexual content which of course makes me very happy.  I love clean YA books!  And I love Susan Hatler.  I'm going to add this book to my daughter's "OK" reading list because I think she will enjoy it too.


  1. I'm so glad you liked Amy's story!! I already have notes for Brynne's book. :) :) :) :)

  2. This sounds interesting and different. Thanks for sharing! I do love zombies:)


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