Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ring On Her Finger by Lisa Swinton

What happened in Vegas should stay there, not follow Amanda home wedded to the man who broke her heart. 

After celebrating college graduation with her friends in Las Vegas, Amanda St. Claire wakes up with a terrible hangover and a ring on her finger. Her day gets worse when she finds out she's married to rich playboy Blake Worthington - the guy she has loathed the past four years. Amanda convinces Blake to legally terminate the marriage and they both return home like nothing ever happened. That is, until Blake shows up on her doorstep and Amanda has to come clean with her family. 

Together for better or worse while the legalities are cleared, Amanda reluctantly plays along, but then the unthinkable happens - she finds herself falling in love with Blake. Can they overcome the past? Or will it end their future before it even starts?

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This is a book I was looking forward to reading.  From the blurb I knew the plot would be fraught with misunderstanding and hold undercurrents of romantic tension.  Both are things that I love when working through a romance book.  This romance book is clean- yay!

Honestly, I didn't really like Amanda.  I never really got what Blake could see in her to keep coming back for more and more abuse.  Amanda is mean to him.  Like mean, mean.  Yeah, she was hurt, but she holds onto that like a lifeline.  It was almost too much - to the point where I wanted to strangle her because my eyes were sore from rolling them so much.  Blake is obviously sorry.  He says it, he shows it.  He tries to overcome it but Amanda is so very stubborn.  And did I mention mean?  Mostly I just felt sorry for Blake and if it were real life, I would say that Blake has a tough marriage road ahead of him with a girl that cannot forgive and delves into so much meanness when she gets hurt.  The way she made Blake grovel was insane.

Okay, so the Amanda tirade is over now.  I did really enjoy Blake.  I thought he was a good, strong character.  He made some mistakes but he was honest and upfront.  He worked hard to prove himself and he tried really hard to extend kindness to others in every situation.  The man should be named Saint Patience.  He was the character that made this book good.  Thank goodness for Blake.

The ending was swoon worthy- because of Blake.  Hopeless romantic.  I'll take a Blake ending any day of the week.  :)  Very romantic.  And sweet beyond measure.  I loved the ending.

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