Friday, July 12, 2013

Save the Date by Susan Hatler

(Better Date than Never series, Book #4)

Kristen knows men hide things. Case in point, her last boyfriend turned out to be married. Just like anyone else, Kristen is devastated. However, since Kristen evaluates people for a living, her ex’s duplicity has her searching for a new career as well as swearing off men.

Touring history museums with her sexy friend Ethan doesn’t count, because he has a girlfriend, and has only shown friendly interest in Kristen. He even helps with her career counseling tasks. Although Kristen has a secret crush on Ethan, spending time with him is safe. Until she discovers he’s actually single. Gasp. And now he’s flirting with her, too.

Suddenly, Ethan is way too dangerous. Not to mention tempting. Sure, he seems like sixty shades of perfect, but how’s a girl with bad judgment supposed to detect what skeletons he has in his closet?

So, our family was at a family reunion over the 4th of July and we were camping.  It was fun and exhausting.  When I finally got home and unpacked I decided to hop on the computer while I waited for my turn in the shower.  I had dreams of getting clean and then curling up in my bed with a book until I zonked from exhaustion.  Then, best surprise EVER when I check my email I found Susan's book waiting for me.  SQUEE!  

Unfortunately, I had to wait until the next day to delve into Save the Date because I guess I was more exhausted then I realized.  By the time I made it to bed, there was nothing left and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.  :)

Save the Date tells Kristen's story.  She has been in the background of other books and Kristin is known for her counselor type good advice.  Her girlfriends depend on her level headed advice to get them through their bumps on the relationship road.  But then Kristen finds out her boyfriend is actually married and the devastation the follows makes her doubt her abilities to be a counselor.  How can she advise other people when she can't even get it right herself?

Kristin really does a nosedive.  She goes completely commando with her job and her friendships and things get a little out of whack.

I loved getting to know Ethan better.  We meet him in another book on a date that didn't quite work out.  This was a much hotter version of Ethan.  Sizzle.  He really takes care of Kristen and is so gentle with her feelings.  I loved that.

Reading one of these novellas by Susan is almost like instant gratification.  Because I can read through them in about an hour, I feel that instant gratification of a romantic story with that happily ever after ending I crave.  When I'm in the mood for a quick romance with tension and sizzle, Susan's books are perfect.  Loved the book, love the series.

I'm always so excited when Susan finishes a new book.  It's like Christmas.  With chocolate and a pretty red bow.  :)

Thanks Susan, for letting me read and review your book.  You make me happy.

Content:  There is sizzle and tension and kissing but no sex.

Save the Date can be found at Amazon for $1.99!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed Kristen's story!! :)

  2. I can't wait to read this one. I've loved all the previous books in the series!

  3. This is a new author/book for me. Story sounds great I added this book to my book wish list.

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