Friday, December 7, 2012

The Dark Eagles First Flight Review

A Tale of Adventure and Freedom

Kief loves exploring the rugged mountains on his horse, Natch, with his best friend Tarc. But when he receives a mysterious map on his birthday, left behind for him by his dead grandfather, Kief is thrown into an
adventure beyond even his imagination.

Leaving home to pursue his childhood dream of attending the merchant academy on the coast, extraordinary events unfold propelling Kief, along with his friends and his map, toward the same perilous destiny.

This book is exactly what it professes to be:  "A Tale of Adventure and Freedom."  Kief is adventurous and daring.  He lives for the thrill and adrenalin rush.  He has a trusty horse that he loves a secret map and some good friends.  All the makings for some good story telling.

Throughout much of the book I felt like the characters acted much younger than they were.  But, if I forgot about that fact and just pictured them younger, it wasn't a big deal.

I loved when Kief finally set out to the merchant academy.  The story started to pick up and I was able to settle into it.  I enjoyed the drawings in the book.  They helped me visualize things a little better.  Anytime I read about people banding together to defend freedoms and raise against injustice I am hooked.  I just love stories like that.

Overall a good read.  Kief has even more adventure in front of him as the book ends so I'll be looking forward to continuing on with him.  I think he's finally going to reach his childhood dream of being on the water in this next book.  At least I hope so.

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David was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and spent most of his childhood on a farm in Heber City, located in the Wasatch Mountains. He loved exploring the mountains on his horse looking for adventures to follow. Growing up, he wanted to be a movie director and used his own Super 8 camera to make silent movies with his friends and brothers and sister. Instead he earned a Bachelors in Engineering at the University of Utah. While there, he met the love of his life, Jenelle, and they were blessed with three amazing sons: Josh, Tate, and Porter. David later earned his Masters in Business Administration from Northwestern University and pursued a path in the corporate world. But his creative side continued to tug at him for years until finally through the encouragement of his wife and boys, he realized that it’s never too late to follow your dream. So David set off to write an epic adventure of a boy and his horse and created a story of freedom, adventure, love, courage and sacrifice. When he's not writing, David enjoys outdoor activities with his family, and especially loves surfing with his three boys in Southern California where he resides.

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  1. Thanks Aimee! I am writing the last two chapters of the second book now... Also, I've had others miss one of the charts in the back of the book too. Kief's world of Fundautum orbits its sun in 292 days compared to Earth at 365 days. While Kief is 22 years old in Fundautum years, he's 17 in Earth years :)

  2. Well, thanks for clearing that up! Note to self and readers: Look at the charts in the back of the book carefully. :) They might just be there for a reason. Thanks, David.

  3. I always like to read a good adventure and this one sounds like one I would enjoy. And the drawings sound like a nice touch, those are always nice to have to add to the story.

    Thanks for the review!

  4. Thanks for the review. The book sounds interesting and I liked that you really brought in your personal opinion.

  5. enjoy the review even I'm not a fans of adventure story


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