Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hello Heather Frost, Fancy Meeting You Here!

My husband and I had to stop at our local market to pick up rolls for a family dinner.  Notice I said market.  Not supermarket.  I live in a small rural town with no "supermarket" to be found.  Nope, just our little Kent's Market.  So, imagine my absolute surprise to find one of my favorite authors sitting by the front doors, freezing her little tooshie off (it snowed last night), promoting her books!  AWESOME!

We had a little chat on my way out.  You know, me gushing how I love her books and that I reviewed them and blogged about them and loved them some more.  Her smiling and nodding at me like I'm crazy, er, I mean like I'm her most awesome fan.  Then I reminded her how awful the ending in the second book was and how I really didn't love that.  She told me she hated to end it like that but there was hope on the horizon.  The third book comes out in July!  Earlier than we expected!  Yipee!  (although not as soon as I had requested it after reviewing the last book.  I think I suggested yesterday.)

So, I ran home and told my daughter (also a big fan) who I saw at the market.  Of course she wanted to go meet her too.  We ran back over, camera in tow, and did a bit of stalking.  What?!  That's what book bloggers do.  We had her sign her books for us.  We got a couple bookmarks, also signed, and even a mood ring that tells us what aura is surrounding us.  (If you've read the books, you know that auras surround us all.  Mine is usually blue with a touch of green)  Above is a picture of Heather with my daughter.  :)  How happy!  Thanks, Heather for being so kind.

If you haven't had a chance to read Heather's books (the Seers Trilogy), you should really check them out.  She is so good at creating tension and evoking emotions.  I love these books.   Find Seers and Demons at Amazon.  You can find my review of Demons HERE.  It is the second book in the series.

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  1. What a great surprise for you and I'm sure she loved seeing a couple of fans there too.


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