Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hope's Journey Tour and Giveaway

From Goodreads:  Sydney is a straight-A student heading to college on a scholarship, and Alex is a quiet jock preparing to serve an LDS mission. But their dreams are shattered on the eve of their high school graduation when they find out that Sydney is pregnant. Separated, they must both trust in God as they search for the worth they once found in each other.

As read in the above summary, Hope's Journey is an LDS novel.  It is based on real life events which gives it even more power, I think.

Sydney and Alex could be any teenage high school students, anywhere.  Their story isn't a new one, but you will find yourself caught up in their world of first love, mistakes and consequences.  The struggle they face with the knowledge of an unwanted pregnancy pulled at my heartstrings.  As a reader, I loved seeing the journey turn from despair to hope.  Especially with Sydney.  As she drew closer to her family and God, her determination and self-confidence grew.  She found forgiveness, peace and hope.

If you are interested in reading the first couple chapters of Hope's Journey, you can find it by heading over to www.hopesjourneybook.com

The author, Stephanie Worlton, is holding a giveaway for one autographed print copy and two ebook copies of her book on her blog.  Just click here.  You can find out more about Hope's Journey there, along with purchase links.

Author of Hope's Journey. Stephanie was born with a pen in her hand and a pencil behind her ear. Whether it's writing a novel, painting a mural, designing furniture, or building sometimes just for the sake of building, Stephanie's always got a project in the works. She lives in a quiet Utah suburb with one patient husband, two adorable dogs, three hours of sleep, and four amazing (and equally crazy) children.


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