Monday, April 11, 2011

Review: The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

The story of Gen begins in a prison where Gen is being held for stealing.  He is not just a thief, but a bragging thief.  Self proclaimed as the best thief, able to steal anything.  The king’s scholar, the magus, needs Gens help as a thief to steal a rumored and hidden treasure of the God’s from another land.  We follow their journey to the hidden temple of the Gods where Gens abilities are put to the test.  The magus has plans, but Gen is a trickster and has a plan of his own. 

I didn't get really into this book until Gen reaches the temple of the Gods and begins his adventure there.  From the beginning I guess I felt a bit indignant on behalf of Gen and the cruel treatment he received.  I mean, I know he was a thief and all, but still.  I did love the ending of this book because it went someplace I wasn’t expecting.  It unfolded into another story.  

I read and reviewed this book for another website before I started blogging.  I've actually read the whole Thief series and loved it.  I recently won this book through a giveaway (thank you, Lindsey @ and had the chance to remember my love.  It's so lovely to own a copy and share it with the people around me.

The moment I really bonded with Gen was when he said this in response to Sophos’s question, “If you could be anywhere you wanted right now, where would it be?”  “In bed.  In a big bed, with a carved footboard, in a warm room with a lot of windows.  And sheets.  And a fireplace, and books.  Lots of books.”  That was the moment that I knew I could love Gen.  


  1. Hmm.. Sounds like an interesting read! Great review.

  2. I love the book cover and the book sounds like a good, solid read. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  3. A friend recently loaned me this one and I keep putting it off in favor of "newer" books, but I think that I need to move it up the list a bit. Thanks for sharing the review!

  4. I read this book in 8th grade, which was only 3 grades ago, but seems like forever-ago, and I adored it! I had a huge crush on Gen in the first book and an even bigger one in the last book. Glad to see childhood reads are still being read!

  5. Wow,

    I recently saw this book, and got interested in it, when it appeared on a book website that I frequent. For some reason the cover really intrigued me, and after reading the synopsis, I became interested. But reading your review has REALLY piqued my interest in this novel. Now I know I'll be reading it for SURE!

    “In bed. In a big bed, with a carved footboard, in a warm room with a lot of windows. And sheets. And a fireplace, and books. Lots of books.” ....*LE SIGH* Yes, Gen, don't we ALL wish that!?!?

    Thank you SO much for the wonderful review, I really appreciate it! :D

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