Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner

One ring.  Two women.  Hundreds of years apart.  Both with the name of Jane.

Jane Lindsey believed she had a steady and comfortable marriage until the day her husband of twenty two years packed his bags and walked out the door.  Brad claims he needs space and time to think and Jane is left wondering what happened and how she is supposed to change the course of events. 

One day Jane, who owns an antique shop, receives a box filled with items from a jumble sale.  Secreted away in the spine of an old book she finds a ring engraved with a Latin inscription and a name.  Jane.  Instantly Jane feels a connection to this ring and decides to pursue the mystery as to where the ring may have come from.  This journey may just prove to be the very thing Jane needs to find answers for herself and her marriage.

In another place and time, the young Lady Jane Grey finds herself in the middle of a dangerous game of political and religious maneuvers that threaten to deny her of her true love, the pursuit of her own interests and even her life. 

Choices made in the face of hardship, especially those made with love, require courage and devotion.  The stories of both these women will prove that each has more influence over their lives than they ever thought possible. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.  I loved the two stories in one feel as we follow each Jane in life’s struggles.  The jumps between time and characters were well done and I felt each time a connection to the time period that was being portrayed.  I loved the ring as a link between the two women and how the stories developed around that ring.

 Lady Jane’s story is such a heart wrenching one.  There was so much sadness and upheaval in that time.  Her fate left me wanting more closure for Jane of modern day.  I know it was progressing to that, even hinted at, but I wanted it spelled out for me, I guess.  I wanted details of the happily ever and the resolution between Jane and her husband.  

In the end, two women found that they were stronger than they believed they were.  Each made choices for love.  I really did love this story.

I received this book as part of Blogging for Books for review.

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  1. This sounds like a really good story. I love a good love story and this sounds complex and heartfelt.


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