Monday, February 7, 2011

General Winston's Daughter by Sharon Shinn

Seventeen year old Averie Winston is the daughter and heiress of General Winston of the Aeberelle army. She embarks on a journey to the far off, exotic land of Chiarrin to join her fiancĂ© and her father who are currently involved in a campaign to take over the country. Averie finds herself completely taken in by the culture and customs of Chiarrin, eagerly embracing them. Although the country of Chiarrin appears to have accepted the presence of the Aeberelle army, rebels have begun to launch small attacks that are increasing in intensity. Averie finds much of what she believes to be changing; ideas about war and people, relationships and freedom. The handsome Ket Du’Kai, escort and protector, also makes an impression on Averie and she finds herself falling in love.

This book got off to a slow start for me but I have to say that somewhere along the line I became invested in it. This story was rich and thick, slowly woven but not in a boring or overdone way. I’ll admit that I wished the ending was a bit fluffier, like dessert, you know? But honestly it fit well with the characters. (I just like fluffy desserts at the end of a good meal.) I felt like I knew the characters. I could see the places described. I really liked the author’s use of colors and smells to help create a picture and sense of being there. I felt a real appreciation for the Chiarizzi people who were willing to sacrifice whatever they needed to regain the freedoms that had been taken from them. How can that not hit home? This was the first book by Sharon Shinn that I have read. I have another sitting in my pile and I’m looking forward to reading it.

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