Saturday, January 15, 2011

Life Without Limits

Nick Vijicic was born without arms or legs.  His life has been dedicated to overcoming his disabilities to achieve independence, freedom and happiness.  He has devoted himself to sharing his love for God by speaking to people throughout the world about his experiences and trials. God and his family have been a source of strength and happiness throughout his life.  Nick shares stories and pieces of his life in the hopes that others will find that strength to overcome their difficulties and lead a positive, fulfilling life.

I really enjoyed reading through this book.  There is nothing like gaining some perspective when you think you’ve got something that is challenging.  Many times throughout the week as I was reading this book I would find myself complaining about something that I found hard or frustrating and then I would think to myself, “well, at least you have arms and legs to make this frustration easier!  And if Nick can do it, so can you.”  Nick is surely an inspiration and a good example to any who hear his story.  I have related parts of Nick’s story to my children at various times because again, it’s that perspective.  I am grateful for Nick’s life and message of hope and faith.  He has made his life something that God would be proud of.  Something that can bless all of God’s children.

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