Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Heart Revealed by Josi S. Kilpack

Amber Marie Sterlington, the Rage of the Season in Regency-era London, has her pick of men, and she knows what she wants most in a husband: a title and a fortune. Why would she ever marry for something as fickle as love? And why would she ever look twice at Thomas Richards, a third son of a country lord?

But when Amber’s social standing is threatened, the character of her future husband becomes far more important than his position. After a public humiliation, she finds herself exiled to Yorkshire. Alone except for her maid, Amber is faced with a future she never expected in a circumstance far below what she has known all her life. Humbled and lonely, Amber begins to wonder if isolation is for the best. Who could ever love her now?

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I love the “Proper Romance” series by Shadow Mountain publisher.  These books are fall exactly in my sweet spot for reading.  I know exactly what I’m going to get when I pick one of these books up. 

This book was a bit of romance, but mostly it was a journey of self- discovery for Miss Amber Sterlington.  At the height of her season in London, Amber encounters a most distressing and devastating turn of events.  Everything she has known changes.  She cast away, discarded, humiliated and scared.  I knew from the beginning that I would be taking an emotional journey with Amber.  Right from the start Amber is a character that I did not love.  I didn’t even like her.  She is selfish, catty and uncaring.  But, since she is the main character of the book, I figured by the end I would have no choice but to like her so I knew the author had quite the journey in store for Amber and me too.

Thank goodness that Amber has one person in her life that doesn’t give up on her even when she probably deserved to be left completely alone.  That one steady influence (that stood her ground) forced Amber to make changes and look at things differently.  Amber begins to see the value of work and honesty and real friendship. 

The romance is slow coming but sweet and perfect for this story.  I really loved it.  The best part for me was the emotional journey.  The place I started in the book was completely different from where I ended and that was the best part for me.  I think it was the best part for Amber too.  

Love this book.  Love this “Proper Romance” brand.  Love to see Josi Kilpack writing a regency romance!  (so different from her culinary mysteries!)  There’s a lot of love going on here.

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