Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sophia by Paula Kremser

Small-town Sophia Spencer can’t believe her luck when an unexpected inheritance allows her to experience London’s social scene. But her happiness disappears when she is caught napping in a grumpy gentleman’s room—and forced into an engagement to protect her reputation! Personalities collide and love blooms in this stunning debut novel.

This book is one in the Pure Romance line from Cedar Fort.  Basically this means that they are squeaky clean and focus more on the romance of it all, which I LOVE.  

Sophia may be from a small country town, but she has been taught and educated in all the ways of a lady.  One thing Sophia does know is that her mother and father loved each other very much.  She is looking to have that same kind of love in her life.  When Sophia unexpectedly inherits money from her estranged grandmother she is thrown into London society with an aunt who may not have Sophia's best interest at heart.

I loved Sophia.  She is kind and eager to believe the best about people.  Some may call her naive, but I don't.  I call her kind, innocent and tender hearted.  The world needs more people like Sophia.  Sophia knows when to stand up for herself and she does a better job of it than she thinks.

This is a great regency romance with engaging characters.  The storyline may be predictable but I still enjoyed it so much.  I love a good, clean romance that leaves you feeling good in the end.  This title releases on Oct. 14th but you can pre-order it today!

From the author: After enduring a ball as a favor to his friends, Alex escapes to his room. What he doesn’t know is that a young lady has also sought refuge from the crowded ballroom. This is his first encounter with Sophia.
Alex pulled off his boots, then picked up his candle and looked around the room for where he had left his book. That was when he saw her. A young lady—either asleep or dead—was on his sofa! He almost dropped the candle, but quickly steadied it instead and rushed over. Her skin was warm, but it seemed as if she wasn’t breathing. He forced himself to be calm as he checked again and realized that she was breathing, just very slowly and deeply. He sat down hard on the floor and leaned his head back against the sofa. Then he took his own deep breath in an effort to calm his racing heart. She was alive, thank goodness! She was just sleeping.
How strange that a young lady was asleep in his room…his eyes widened and his heart began racing again. He needed to get her out of here. Now!
He quickly turned around and tried to gently speak to her and shake her shoulder. Several increasingly more frantic pleas of “Miss, you need to wake up!” produced no results. So he lifted her up to a sitting position, but still she wouldn’t regain consciousness. He sat down next to her and pulled her arm around his shoulder, ready to stand up, which would hopefully rouse her enough to walk, and that was when he heard a commotion from the hall and then a knock on his door. He barely had time to blurt out, “One moment, please!” before several matronly women barged in.


  1. I love the way you described Sophia :D sometimes when the girl is too "naive" people treat her bad , but NO with you. i think im gonna read this book , i need something light and good.

  2. I couldn't tell from the review; is this historical fiction? It seems like it might be, which is my favorite genre!


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