Thursday, September 28, 2023

Insta Family: A Sweet Romantic Comedy by Jen Atkinson


Meeting your birth family is nerve-racking. So, it’s helpful when tall, dark, and lovable shows up to hold your hand.

Coco had never planned to find her birth parents. But when Jude finds her—confessing that he knows her birth mother and he wants to set up a meeting, it’s suddenly all she can think about. Okay… maybe not all she’s thinking about. The messenger, Mr. Jude Taylor, himself, is pretty difficult to get off the brain.

Still, Coco’s working on becoming a partner at her clinic. She’s got friends and clients and a life—she can’t just pick up and leave. Can she?

Jude has enough on his plate—single dad, crazy ex, boring job. Yep—he’s got plenty to take up his time. But when his best friend’s mom asks him to do her a favor, he knows he’ll come to the rescue. Lucy has always been like another mom to him—often more supportive than his own mother. The only problem—Lucy’s favor is a big one. He isn’t running to the store to pick up groceries, but flying one thousand miles to find a stranger and inform her that he happens to know who her birth mother is.

That’s a big ask. Like a huge ask. What about his job? What about his daughter? It’s too much. So—of course he’ll do it. Yep, he’s the best… or maybe he’s just a sucker who can’t say no to Lucy Bailey.

But Jude is logical and organized. He’s got a plan. He can get this job done in less than a day. Or at least he could if Coco would follow along with the plan. It also isn’t helpful that somehow this girl, Lucy’s daughter is sending sparks throughout his sparkless body and forget tugging, Coco is the commander in control of Jude’s heartstrings.

But Jude has a daughter to consider and Coco has an entire family to get to know. This isn’t the right time or the right place to fall in love. Too bad his heart isn’t listening to logic.

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Aw.  What a cute, cute story!  I fell in love with these characters almost instantly.  How is that even possible?!?!  Coco, Jude and Alice.  But here's where I admit that maybe, just maybe, Alice stole the show.  All of her 6 year old adorableness,  sparkling up the pages.  This author did such a good job of creating a community and family of characters that I related to and connected with.  I felt like I knew them all.  And more than that, I liked them all.

There were so many memorable moments in this book.  So many smiles, so many feel good, fuzzy feelings.  

* Jude the pilot (he'll save Coco first)

* first meet poop incident

* sparkle punch

* code names

* Coco's generous heart

* pink dresses 

* Coco standing up for herself

*  hugs

I loved snuggling in with this book.  It was so sweet, so cozy.  I can't wait for more of this family of four brothers!!  It's going to be such a fun ride!  If you haven't read anything by this author and you love sweet romance, go right now and pick one up.  She's the real deal.

Content:  kissing.  Adoption, connecting with biological family.

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Just as a fun side note, I got to meet Jen Atkinson this past summer at an author/book event that went to with my friend.  She is a lovely person.  So fun and so sweet.  I'm so glad I had the chance to meet her!  I'm holding her first book in this series, Insta Boyfriend.

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