Tuesday, August 22, 2023

PAUSE by Taylor Dean


Marin and Blu, a lifetime for two.

Such a cute rhyme for our wedding invitations. Until my wedding day didn’t happen.

I felt sure my life was over and there was nothing left for me except heartache and loneliness. I had a lot to learn. About life, love, and loss.

When I heard Blu took off on our honeymoon trip by himself, I decided to make an escape as well. I needed to pause my life, take time to heal. Breathe. Laugh. Feel the sun on my skin.

Marin and Blu, boo hoo.

I wasn’t expecting to meet Slade Sheridan on the heels of losing the false love of my life. He erased my grief and drew a picture-perfect future of us together. I thought I knew love. Turns out, we’d never even met before. Until now.

Blu who?

But when Blu makes a reappearance, my hasty actions threaten to destroy my new love. I know which man is the one for me. I have a new rhyme planned for my life.

Marin Sheridan.

Slade’s the one for me.


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After a brief pause in life, author Taylor Dean (one of my favorites) is back on the scene.  I've really missed her writing and her books so excitement levels are high with this new book, releasing on August 25th!  

Do you ever just want a dreamy love story where you get to let out breathy sighs the whole way through because it's just so romantic and sweet?  That's pretty much this book.  I absolutely loved basking in the growing attractions and love of Slade and Marin.  It was, well, dreamy.  All the heart eyes, dreamy.  Because Slade is DREAMY.

I could gush on and on about Slade but honestly, you should just experience him firsthand.  He'll make you smile.  And swoon.  Marin is one lucky girl to find and experience real love, true love, on the heels of something heartbreaking.  Because yeah, there were some moments of sadness, shock and anxiety in this story but mostly, love.  And now I want to go to Venice.  It's always been on my bucket list.

The whole cast of secondary characters are great.  They felt comfortable and familiar the whole way through.  It was easy to settle in with this story and stay there, in that dreamy, comfortable state until the end.  I loved it.  Adored it. 

Speaking of the end, it made me excited for the next book, that must come soon!  Ooh, I'm SO curious about what is coming next.  Blu?  Is that you?

Content:  Kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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