Saturday, May 18, 2013

Taming Wilde by Rachel Van Dyken and Leah Sanders

Taming Wilde by Rachel Van Dyken and Leah Sanders
Regency Romance
Length: 151 Pages
ISBN: 9781621351382

Being level-headed and even-keeled is a thing of the past. Sir Colin Wilde’s broken heart has sent him over the edge. And he is convinced the only way to get over the loss of Lady Gemma is to lose himself in debauchery.

Taking his cue from the private bachelor journal of Viscount Maddox, he presses forward in his quest to become the most notorious rake the ton has ever seen.

Prim and proper Lady Gemma isn't about to let him soil his reputation, especially over a misunderstanding. In spite of the propriety ingrained in her since birth, she throws convention to the wind and sets about to do the impossible... seduce a rake and tame Wilde.

Taming Wilde is a diverting, easy reading, flirty romance.  

Sir Colin tries his best to be a notorious rake but his heart just isn't in it.  He makes an awful bumbling mess of every attempt.  Lady Gemma is the only woman he really wants but he's convinced she spurned him.  Still, he just can't stay away.  The gentleman inside keeps taking over.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the book. 

"...He decided the only way out was to dig deeper.

...He dug until his fingers bled.  And all he had to show for it was more darkness and more emptiness.  Then again, what did one expect when they were digging holes?"

Misunderstandings and that evil, self serving brother have left Lady Gemma hurting and angry.  I love the moment that Lady Gemma grows a backbone and digs deep for that determination to get what she wants.  Which is, of course, Sir Colin Wilde.

This was an enjoyable, clean romance.  It had a perfectly perfect happily ever after.  My thanks to Astraea Press for allowing me to read and review this book.

Purchase Taming Wilde on Amazon for just $1.99.

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