Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review: The Forgotten Locket by Lisa Mangum

From Goodreads:
The future is uncertain. The battle to control the past has begun. The final book in the riveting Hourglass Door trilogy begins when Abby steps through the black door, and she doesn't dare look back. Though it means leaving Dante—wounded, bleeding, and possibly blind—she knows it is the only way to save her family and stop Zo from manipulating the river of time and throwing the future into chaos. In the end, Abby must face a final confrontation that will take her to the very origins of the hourglass door.

I have been waiting for a long time to see how this series ends.  It's been a great journey with Abby and Dante.  The trouble with waiting a year in between books is that you tend to forget some of the things that you read and it takes awhile to be reminded of where you left off.  Sometimes that isn't a big deal, but Lisa Magnum has such a way of writing.  It took me a few chapters to remember and get back into the world(s) of the Hourglass Door.

I really loved this last book.  It had all the things I was looking for and hoping for.  I love resolution and I love happily ever afters.  :)  I love that Dante and Abby are strong individuals but together they are even stronger, more powerful.  Together they are able to right the wrongs and turn chaos into peace.

I love that this series is clean and well written.  My thirteen year old daughter loved reading it too.  In fact, I was second in reading this book.  It was snatched right out of my hands the minute it came.  But, no worries because I knew it would be back in my hands the very next day.  And it was.  With a contented smile.

I'm anxious to see what Lisa comes up with next.  She is a fabulous writer.


  1. i didn't love the first book, skipped the second and had no idea there was a third! guess i ought to catch up and hope the sequels were better than the first!

  2. Hum, I'd say not every book is for every body. :) Nice to see ya here!

  3. Great review! I read the first 2 and have been waiting and wanting to read this last book. I'm glad to read in your review that there is a happy ending and everything is resolved. Yay!

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