Thursday, April 22, 2021

River's Song: Spring Flings and Engagement Rings by Stephanie Fowers


A country singer rediscovers his passion for music when he meets a spunky small town girl who lives her life to the fullest. Too bad she's his best friend's ex.

Now he'd better forget his racing pulse so he can get a photograph back from her that could ruin his career.

The trouble is that spending time with her feels like a good old fashioned love song, and he can't get that stupid tune out of his head... or out of his heart.

Isn't the cover on this book pretty?  I loved that is goes perfectly with the story.

Wowza, River and Liv have some sparking chemistry!  I loved all the kissy kissing.  It was swoony fun.  I also loved that Liv was a photographer and brought out emotion through her pictures.  It was the perfect way to bring her into River's world, or, maybe more accurately, River into her world.

The story progresses nicely, with some minor bumps in the road and an ex you love to hate.  I enjoyed the feeling of family and community and the two little boys who helped everything feel natural and brought a few smiles too.  I sure hope there are more stories to be had in this small town- it sure feels like there will be.  (fingers crossed)  4/5 stars

Content:  mention of substance abuse, Christian elements

- I picked this up on Kindle Unlimited

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