Friday, January 9, 2015

Of Fire and Ash by Amber Argyle (A Fairy Queens Novella)

One promise can change everything.

The fairies must never know of Nelay’s sight, for the attention of such dark and terrible creatures brings more things dark and terrible. But when Nelay's father is near death, the fairies are the only ones who can save him. All they require is a simple promise that she'll return the favor one day.

Some promises are lethal.
Well, I'm a day late to officially say that this is release day for this novella, but the day after is still close.  Like the day after Christmas is a fun day too, right?  :)

If you know Amber Argyle's writing and her books you know that she writes beautifully.  She has a style all her own that really stands out and for me, separates her from other authors.  This is a novella, short and sweet, about Nelay's early life.  What a hard life with hard choices.  It really sets the stage for the next book, Summer Queen, which I'm really looking forward to reading.  Especially since I've just read this little tidbit and I want more!  These are fairies like you've never know them.

If you are interested in reading my review for Winter Queen, the first book in this series, you can find that HERE.

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